The inspiration around Mountainville Manor’s cuisine begins with the tenet of providing the most memorable meal on the most memorable day of your life. Beautifully prepared plates with the loveliest tastes and tantalizing scents create sensory memories that will linger for a lifetime.

Mountainville Manor’s cuisine highlights the best of the Hudson Valley’s bounty of farmers, foragers, cheesemakers, bakers, and bread purveyors used to make our hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and dishes from scratch and always with love. In addition to using sustainable, local, and seasonal ingredients, we also grow some organic and biodynamic products on our own properties.

Connections are made through real food and drink … Chef Craig Shelton and Lauren and James Abramson partnered together to create a wedding day experience where the food and beverages would be as good as Michelin-starred restaurants, yet it would also be implemented with a profound commitment to sustainability, planetary health, and human health.

Beyond making memories, enhancing the “Healthspan” of our patrons is a top priority, cuisine should always be life-giving. Over the last four decades people have become ever more food knowledgeable and ever more aware of sustainability issues and the preponderant evidence of diet-related disease—yet, almost no one in the weddings events sphere seemed to be evolving along with the modern client’s changing preferences. We use only 100% grass-fed dairy. Unless otherwise specified by our patrons, all of our proteins are either wild, 100% grass-fed, or pastured to ensure the correct ω-6/ω-3 ratios for optimal human health. Our central concern with health-giving cuisine is why we feel it imperative to offer our guests enhanced ketogenic and vegan options alongside the traditional dishes.

Our beverage program blends the seasonal with the timeless classics of bygone eras. Our liquors are timeless and true—and well supported by an innovating selection of juices, teas, elixirs, and service accoutrements. Each wine is chosen not merely on the basis of point scores but with a view to marrying the fruits of the vine with the cuisine of our property. Our tantalizing cocktails are based on seasonal ingredients. Cocktail syrups are made in-house from fresh, organic ingredients. Vodka and Bourbon are house-infused with locally sourced fruits. Wedding packages include customized signature cocktails, created based on the season of the wedding and the couples own, unique preferences and flavor profiles.