The Moodna Room

Select Fridays and Saturdays, doors open at 6pm, Live Music starts at 7pm
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Great experience … great food, great cocktails, great music!!” – Nance Hastings via Facebook

Mountainville Manor is pleased to introduce our Moodna Room, a bit of Manhattan in the Hudson Valley. The vision was to transplant The Carlyle Hotel’s Bemelmans Bar to Mountainville Manor. An urbane experience of cool jazz grooves and soulful sounds with an eclectic menu of American Society classics, Japanese specialties, French indulgences, Hudson Valley artisanship and Mexican fun, along with Champagnes, cocktails, a selection of the worlds finest spirits and a short list of outstanding wines.

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Saturday, September 25th

A foodie delight at the newly opened Moodna Room. Wagyu beef, caviar and oysters from Okinawa. As well as very top shelf drinks. One of the best dinners I had in a long time. Ranks up there with a Michelin star restaurants I’ve been too.” – Juliette via Facebook

Call 845-534-8400 for more information